The Power Of The Words

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Every Day on the sidewalk of a busy street we could see a beggar, sitting with a sign which read:
“Look how
 happy I am! I am a prosperous man, handsome, very important, I have a beautiful residence, living confortably, I am healthy and tempered, and finally  I am the very picture of success!”
Of those who passed, looked and read the card many were astonished, others thought he was crazy, others to give money.
Always before bed he counted the money and realized that every day the amount was higher.
An important and bold executive who has watched him for some time, arrived one morning, approached him and said:
You are very creative! ... do not want collaborate with me in a campaign for my business?
Come on… Said the beggar, I can only win!
After a fancy bath and new clothes, he was taken to the company.
From then on his life was a string of success and victories, and he became a senior executive.
In a press conference, once explained how he got out of begging for such a high position:
-there was a time then I used to sit on the sidewalk with a sign on the side saying : “I’m a nothing in this world! Nobody helps me! I have no where to live! I am a man failed and mistreated by life! I can not get a lousy job and can barely survive! Things went  from bad to worse when one night, I found a book on it and I have seen a piece that said:
All you talk about you is strengthened. even your life is bad, say it will good, well, same who you don’t like their looks, assert yourself beautiful. For as poor as you, say to themselves and to others that you are prosperous.
“It touched me deeply and, as me had nothing to lose, decided to change the wording of the board. And from that day everything started to change, life has brought me the right person for everything I needed until I got where I am today. I just had to understand the power of the words. The universe will always support everything that we say, write or think about us and this will eventually manifest in our lives as reality… While affirming that everything goes wrong, that your appearance is awful, the trend is that thing get worse because the universe will strengthen the…It is he who materializes in our lives our beliefs.
Ironically, a report, asked:
-Are you saying that some words written in a simply plate changed your life?
Humorous he replied:
-Of course not, my naïve friend! First I had to believe them and act!
Everything you say, write or think about it, is received by the Universe as a prayer.
For this example we see that when the opportunity arises we must seize the chance, because man believed and acted this story and completely changed his life for the better. He had MOTIVATION, REASON (goal) + ACTION.

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