#The secret treasure of Nowk #

The treasure of Nowk

There was once, in Babylon, a poor tailor named Enedim, modest, intelligent and hardworking man, who never lost the hope of becoming rich. How and where, however, find a fabulous treasure and become so rich and powerful? One day he stopped at the door of his humble home of an old Phoenician merchant, selling a plethora of fancy objects. Out of curiosity, Enedim began to examine the trinkets offered, when discovered, among them a book of many species of leaves, where they saw strange characters and unfamiliar. It was a treasure that book, said the merchant, and cost "only" three dinars.
It was a lot of money to the poor tailor, why the merchant agreed to sell him the book for only two dinars.
Once he was alone, Enedim tried to examine without delay the good that had acquired. And what has not been able to decipher his surprise when, on the first page, the following caption: "The secret of the treasure Nowk What a treasure would it be? Enedim vaguely remember ever hearing any reference to it, but could not remember where or when. Later deciphered: "The Bresa treasure, buried by the genius of the same name in the mountains of krow, there was forgotten, and there is found yet, until some man will find it hard." Very interested, the struggling Weaver set out to decipher all the pages of that book, to take over as fabulous treasure. But the first pages were written in characters of various people, which made Enedim studied Egyptian hieroglyphics, the language of the Greeks, the Persian dialects and the language of the Jews. As a result, the end of three years Enedim left the profession of a tailor and had become the interpreter of the king, in the region because there was nobody who knew so many foreign languages.
He began to earn more and live in a comfortable home.
He continued to read the book and found several pages full of calculations, numbers and figures. To understand what he read, studied mathematics with the calculating of the city, and soon became very knowledgeable of arithmetic transformations. Thanks to new knowledge, calculated, designed and built a large bridge over the Euphrates River, which caused the King to appoint the mayor. Yet by virtue of reading the book, Enedim deeply studied the laws, culture and principles of his country, was appointed prime minister of that kingdom, due to his vast knowledge.
Went to live in sumptuous palace and received visits from the richest and most powerful princes of the world.
Thanks to his work and his knowledge, the kingdom has progressed rapidly, bringing wealth and happiness for all its people.
However, it still did not know what was the secret of Nowk, despite having read and reread every page of the book.
Once again he had the opportunity to question a venerable priest about that mystery, which explained smiling:
- The treasure of Nowk is already in his possession, because thanks to the book you acquired great learning, which gave him the goods he possesses enviable. After all, Nowk is just a pun for the word "know" ...
Professionals working with people development, know the concept of the CHA: A competency is composed of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Knowledge has to do with "knowing" ability to "know how", and attitude to "want to do." If only one of these three characteristics is left out, it is likely that a jurisdiction has not been determined. Planning, for example, is a skill essential for a good manager, right? So you already know about it. You know how to plan? If so, then we already have skills, however there is still one last question: Do you plan your budget, you plan your week, you plan your career, you plan your activities? Anyway, do you plan? If your answer is no, then lack the attitude to become a planning authority.
Knowledge is certainly important, but without skill and attitude, nothing happens. How many of us know that regular physical activity is important to improve health, mood and quality of life? How many of us have the ability to walk at least a few minutes a day? However, how many of us have the attitude of regular physical activity? If you thought the excuse of "lack of time", please just replace it with "lack of priority."
The real treasure is not on acquiring "know" only, but in gaining wisdom. Wisdom is to have the attitude of seeking knowledge, develop skills, and put them into practice. Only then will things evolve, because there is no progress without change, and not change without the knowledge, skills and attitudes.

P.S:krow is the word work backwards.

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